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Meet Rickii Ainey

Writer, Speaker, Disability Advocate

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A combination of personal and professional experiences has led Rickii Ainey to work extensively in the Disability Community. Ms. Ainey has over 10 years of experience with disability outreach and advocacy in the community developing informational programs, mentoring other advocates, equipping parents with educational and professional tools and resources to support and encourage their children with disabilities, and providing culturally relevant disability training to teachers. As a native of New Orleans, LA, she also works with local and Federal government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions to provided leadership support for programs that foster an inclusive climate for students and staff with disabilities. Ms. Ainey has been an essential part of helping healthcare professionals understand the needs and appropriate communication skills when working with their patients who happen to have disabilities.


Currently,  Ms. Ainey works with Families Helping Families NOLA as an Information and Referral Specialists. She has worked with Louisiana Citizens for Action Now (LACAN) as an advocate/ team leader and in 2013, graduated from Partners in Policy Making sponsored by the Louisiana Disabilities Council.


In addition to Ms. Ainey’s professional experiences, her enthusiastic and outgoing nature have been immensely beneficial in helping her forge and maintain authentic connections with stakeholders on several professional, community-based, and volunteer teams. She has worked tirelessly within her local community and currently sits on the board at the Advocacy Center of Louisiana.  Ms.Ainey is passionate about her continued work in the community and using her voice and platform to making both national and global impacts.

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